Karate with Shoto-Ryu

The Shoto-Ryu Karate club has been running in shepshed for many years. The club meets on a monday night starting at 8pm and finishing at 10pm. The club teaches karate to 12 year olds and above.
Shoto-Ryu traces its routes back to Gichin Funakoshi 9the founder of modern day Karate) and tries to maintain its links with the early methods of learning. It emphasises the development of the mind and body with the ultimate goal of both the mind and body working as one. It is traditional style and is not practised as a competative style. we beleive that a strong mind does not necessarily mean an aggressive mind.
There are many things that the practice has to offer. If you practise regularly it will help to strenghthen the body, make you fitter, help to increase concentration, give you self-discipline and help to defend yourself from attack. all these are possible fro everyone: all that is needed is to takew the first step. There is philosophy attached toa ll martial arts, this should run as a companion to the martial art and with Shoto-Ryu akrate it is part of it.
We do warm up exercises that are used to prepare the body for the practise, this involves some strenghthening techniques and some flexability techniques, both are designed to benefit the body phsically, mentally and spiritually.
Shoto-Ryu karate brings the principles of Yoga, Ta chi and Karate into its martial art by developing the body, mind and spirit to become one, all working together.
For more information contact Doug Gerrard on 07969 480684.